About MGAC

Mounted Games Across Canada is a non-profit Ontario based Mounted Games association. We offer the following divisions:

  • Novice: For new riders and inexperienced games riders or green ponies. Leadlines are permittedSafety First!
  • Open: For the experienced games riders of all ages able to compete safely at higher speeds.
  • Fossil: For the young-at-heart riders that still want to have fun and compete, but at a slower pace.

Safety is our first concern for all riders. MGAC is fully insured for all events, clinics and approved practice locations. A medical unit is available at events.

Presently, our events are hosted in the centre field at Grand River Raceway in Elora, Ontario. This is a beautiful central location with ample parking and amenities with an abundance of space for a large playing field.

MGAC follows the International Mounted Games Association rules with some exceptions being made for Novice/Leadline to encourage a positive experience for everyone!
The official IMGA Rulebook can be found here in PDF format: IMGA Rules

Our Story

Back in the fall of 2005 an enthusiastic group of riders founded Mounted Games Across Canada based on the following principles:

  1. to promote and increase the awareness of mounted games in Canada
  2. to promote safety for all our riders.
  3. to encourage participation for all ages and skill levels.
  4. to keep costs of participation affordable for all.
  5. to emphasize that games are for everyone and any age!

Over the years we have continued to embrace these values while still listening to our members and looking for new and innovative ways for mounted games to reach out to more and more riders.

A brief history of Games:

Mounted games are similar to but not identical to Pony Club’s Prince Philip Games. (PPG) The Mounted Games Association of Great Britain was founded by Norman Patrick on January 21, 1984. Thanks to his drive and enthusiasm, the sport of mounted games has continued to increase in popularity all over the world.

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